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Hosting a secure image

Use the Secure Image Hosting section of your account to host images that can be displayed on your secure GiftTool pages or templates.

  1. Login to your GiftTool account and click Account in the top right hand corner of the page.
  2. Click Image Hosting
  3. Upload the image
    • Up to 200 images can be uploaded and be available at one time.
    • Image file types must be one of: .gif, .jpg, .jpe, .png, or .ico
    • The image file size cannot be more than 1MB in size.
  4. Once your secure image has been uploaded, click on the image to see it on its own webpage. You can now easily copy the web address URL in the browser address bar (for example:
  5. Paste this secure image into your Donation page using this secure web address, or into the Description section of your Event, Pledge-a-thon, Shop Product or Membership.

    • Learn how to add an image using the HTML Editor.
    • Consider optimizing your image before uploading. This reduces the image file size, making your web pages load more quickly. Try for help in optimizing your image.
    • Be careful not to add an extra blank space in front of or at the end of your link when pasting the link into the editor. Blank spaces will be converted to "%20" and must be removed from the link added to the HTML editor in order for your image to appear correctly.

Secure Template Images

Some clients have images on their GiftTool template that change all the time (such as a rotating banner, or an image with sponsor logos).  Instead of asking GiftTool to update these images on a routine basis, incurring template change fees, you can host these images in the Secure Image Hosting section of your account, changing the images as required. 

Just make sure to delete the old image first, and upload the new image with the same filename . By using the same filename, your template will automatically pull in the new uploaded image.

Contact if you have any questions.


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