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Cookies (also referred to as browser cookies, or HTTP cookies) are small pieces of text, stored on a user's computer by a web browser; and contain the user's preferences, shopping cart contents, or other data used by websites. They are transmitted as parcels of text sent by a server to a Web client (usually a browser) and then sent back unchanged by the browser each time it accesses that server.

GiftTool uses cookies to temporarily store session data necessary for the completion of a secure online transaction, as well as, when logging into and using the BackOffice. Without cookies, your GiftTool service would not be able to function properly.

For example:

  • Once you have logged into your GiftTool BackOffice account, cookies allow the GiftTool server to know that you are authenticated and therefore allowed to access services or perform operations that are restricted to a user who is not logged in.
  • Once a shopper has selected one or more items for purchase, cookies allow the shopper to view the items selected in their shopping cart, and proceed to the payment page with the correct amount charged.
  • Once a registrant clicks on the Register Now button from your event, a cookie for their secure session is stored in their temporary cache. This allows the registrant to click from page to page, checking out with the items selected, at the price shown on the Description page. This also prevents prices from changing mid-way through a person's registration process, if you were to change the prices of your event setup at the same time that someone was buying tickets online.
  • When viewing the public registration form for an appeal, event, Pledge-a-thon or membership, simply refreshing the page will not release the browser session if you have made changes to the setup of the online form. Instead, you should close the browser to end the session for the old form, and open a new browser to view your changes.
  • In certain instances, a session cookie may be stored across multiple browsers. Closing all browsers open on your desktop, or deleting your browser cookies, should resolve the issue.

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