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How do Fund Names work?

Would you like to track which link a donor clicked on to make their donation, and at the same time dynamically pull the Fund Name into your appeal form and other donor messages?

You can dynamically pull the Fund Name into the following places:

  • The Total Orders, Custom Orders or eTax Receipt reports.
  • Multiple places on the appeal form itself (see example with the Fund name highlighted in red).
  • The body of your On-Screen Confirmation message, Thank You email and eTax Receipt email.
  • The Canadian eTax Receipt if applicable (see example with the Fund name highlighted in red). 

As with other data that can be auto-populated into your Donation appeal form, you can modified the Appeal URL to include a parameter with the Fund Name you wish to pass through, to automatically populate your donation form and/or reports.

Step 1 - Add code to your appeal form's URL address link Back to Top

When pasting your donation appeal form link into your website or email, add &Fund= plus the fund name directly to your appeal form’s URL address. Where do I find the link to my donation appeal form?

For example, add &Fund=Mars%20Kids%20Foundation%20%26%20Toy%20Drive to your donation appeal link, to automatically record "Mars Kids Foundation & Toy Drive" in the Fund Name column of your Total Orders and Custom Orders reports when a donation is made using this link. See example

When adding the fund name to your URL immediately after &Fund=

  • You can ONLY use letters, digits, underscores, dashes, spaces, ' and ampersands (surrounded by spaces and represented by the code %26).
  • You will NOT be able to use any other symbols or punctuation.
  • When using an apostrophe ' symbol, as in Kid's Foundation, you MUST type the apostrophe using your key board in the Fund Name rather than copy text over from Outlook, Word etc. as Microsoft will transform the single quote ' to a slanted apostrophe symbol which will NOT work.
  • When including an ampersand sign (&), you MUST represent the "&" symbol using the URL code %26. Additionally, there MUST to be a space on either side of the ampersand, for example you cannot have "Bob&Jane" but you can have "Bob & Jane". This would be represented in the link as Bob %26 Jane or Bob%20%26%20Jane
  • You can add spaces between words in the fund name. Sometimes spaces are automatically converted by URL encoding to %20. Not to worry, this will not change the way it is displayed in the appeal form.
  • There is a maximum of 255 characters, which includes the %20 code for blank spaces or the %26 code for ampersands.
Step 2 - Optional: Add the variable ORDER_FUND Back to Top

Optionally, you can add the predefined template variable ORDER_FUND to:

In all of these situations, the ORDER_FUND code will be automatically replaced by the Fund Name that you have added to your appeal form URL link, as described in Step 1 above.

NOTE: You do not need to add ORDER_FUND to the Canadian eTax Receipt itself. Instead, the Fund Name will be automatically pulled into the eTax Receipt when &Fund= is used in the URL, or when you have provided a Fund Name when manually issuing receipts. 

Step 3 - Optional: Add the Fund Name to the actual eTax Receipts Back to Top

Optionally, you can include the Fund Name in the body of a Canadian eTax Receipt. See example with the name highlighted in red.

Just follow these instructions:

  1. Check the box in the receipt setup to have the name of the Fund included in all future eTax receipts. This will only occur when a fund name is present, as described in steps 2-4 below.
  2. Follow the instructions as described above in Step 1 - Add code to your appeal form's URL address link, so that the Fund Name is included in the tax receipt when a donor makes a donation using a website link that includes the Fund Name.
  3. When issuing a single receipt, enter a Fund Name in the form.
  4. When issuing multiple receipts, enter a Fund Name for one or more receipts in your spreadsheet.

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