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How do I handle family registration?

Registration can be setup so that families can register for a single fundraising page using a single email address.

  1. Change your Pledge-a-thon setup, so that registration shows the option to [learn how]:
    • Join as an Individual
      Join as a Family
      Yes, I/we want to support the cause by participating and collecting pledges with our own donation page.
  2. Create a Registration Option for the family.  For example:
    • 5k Fun Run - Family Registration
    • Family Registration (Max 2 Adults & 4 Children)
  3. If tickets must be purchased for additional family members beyond the maximum included in the family option, Additional Items can be setup for purchase during the registration process.

  4. To collect the names of the additional family members, create Questions to be displayed only to those selecting the family option.
    • For example: "Please provide the Full Name of each additional family member:".
    • Create multiple questions, if you prefer to have each person's name in a separate column of the Excel reports. Or, when viewing your reports, learn how to split the content of a cell in Excel into multiple cells.

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