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How do I issue a membership card to a pending member?

A membership card will only be sent in the confirmation when a member pays by credit card or for a free membership.

Nevertheless, once you have received their offline payment by cash or cheque and have activated the membership, you can send your own email to the member which include the link to their membership card.

You can also use these instructions to send a membership card to any member who never received one.

  1. To build the link for a membership card, change the numbers at the end of the following link to display each unique membership card:
    • ID=AAAA is your account ID which will be the same for all members. Replace AAAA with your GiftTool account ID. You will find your account ID at the top of your GiftTool invoice or in any of your GiftTool page links.
    • MSID=BBBB is the Membership ID to which this member belongs. Replace BBBB with the Membership ID located in beside the name of the membership in the Manage Memberships section or in the member's profile.
    • MID=XXXX is the person’s Member ID. Replace XXXX with the Member ID located at the top of the member's profile.
    • OID=YYYY is the person’s Order ID for their successful transaction when registering for their membership. Replace YYYY with the Order ID located in the member's profile.
  2. When creating your email, you can include the following text, hyperlinking the “View Membership Card” text to the link:
    To print your membership card, click View Membership Card.
    Click the above link to view and print your membership card using your browser settings [e.g. File > Print]. Viewing your membership card in a browser will also allow you to save it for later use using your browser settings [e.g. File > Save as].


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