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Sample Report: Event Registrar - Report for multiple events

To create a Custom Report which displays transactions across several events in the Event Registrar:

  1. Click the Account link located in the top right corner of your GiftTool BackOffice account.
  2. Click Custom Report.
  3. To create a new report, click Add Custom Report.
  4. On page 1:
    • Select a date range for your report by clicking the Date Picker icons.
    • Enter the Report Name.
    • Select the currency of the transactions to be displayed.
    • For GiftTool Services: check "Event Registrar"
    • For Also Include: You must check Items purchased. You can also check any other elements you wish to display in your report (e.g. Report header, Profile fields). You can always disable these once you have seen the report.
    • Click Next
  5. On page 2 – determine the columns shown:
    • Try moving all the fields into the “Show Columns”. Once you have seen the report, delete unnecessary columns as required by dragging them back to the "Don't show columns" list.
    • At minimum, you will need to display Item Type, Item Name, Item Quantity, Item Unit Price.
    • Click Next
  6. On page 3:
    [Optional] Only use this section if you wish to run a report for some events and not other events in a specific date range. Adding the following filters allows you to include the data for only the events you need.
        Condition Field Operator Value
      1 Activity equals **Type the name of Event A as written in your event setup
      2 Activity equals **Type the name of Event B as written in your event setup
      3 + Activity equals etc...
    Create a new filter for each additional event...
    • In row 1 - Create a filter to restrict data to a single event by selecting the Field, Operator and typing the Value as shown in Condition 1 above.
      • The Value is case sensitive, and must not include extra spaces or other characters.
      • When entering the Value, type the name of the event exactly as it is written in your event setup. For example, copy the name from your event setup and paste the precise name of the Event A in the Value field. Be careful not to paste extra spaces. Alternatively, you can run the report without this filter, then you can see which Activity Name you want to filter on and copy/paste the exact value into your filter.
    • In row 2 - Repeat the process above to create a second filter for Event B.
    • In row 3+ - Repeat the process above to create additional filters for each of the remaining events to be included in your report.
    • In the Advanced Filter Logic field, create a filter logic using OR between each of the conditions you have created. Using OR between each condition means that only one of the conditions has to be met. For example, enter "1 OR 2" if you have 2 events listed, or enter "1 OR 2 OR 3 OR 4" if you have 4 events listed. This ensures that your report shows all transactions for any of these events.
  7. Click Save & Run to view your report.
    • Review the Excel and determine which columns you do not need. Repeat step 5 to remove unnecessary columns, and rearrange the remaining columns to your liking.
    • Use your computer functions, to print or save a copy of the report.
    • Having difficulty viewing Excel reports?
  • If you first run the report without any filters, you can see which data you want to filter on and copy/paste the exact value into your filter.
  • Filters are "AND"ed together if no advanced filter logic is provided.
  • For ID fields, the prefix letter (R, S, D, etc) before the ID cannot be filtered on. Instead filter on the Service field (Registrar, Shop, Donations, etc).
  • Date values must be in the form YYYY-MM-DD.

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