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What should I do when I receive an error notification for a recurring donor?

GiftTool will email an error notification to the appeal coordinator if a credit card transaction for a previously scheduled recurring donation was not able to be processed by your Payment Gateway account. GiftTool will try to process the scheduled donation 4 times before giving up and sending you the error notification.

As a next step:

  1. Login to your payment gateway account to view their reason for rejecting the credit card transaction.
  2. Once you determine the cause of the problem, log into your GiftTool account to modify the recurring payment with their new credit card information.
    Or, if the donor does not wish to provide their new credit card information over the phone, you can archive their existing profile and ask the donor to go to your website to signup again as a recurring donor with their new credit card.


  • Narrow the search by selecting the status type for Expired Cards or Last Attempt Declined.
  • Recurring donors will be highlighted in yellow if their card is about to expire or already has expired. This allows you to contact the donor directly and ask for their new credit card information. This is a great opportunity to build a stronger relationship with that donor, because your recurring donors are your strongest supporters! By contacting these donors directly, you have the opportunity to personally thank them for their ongoing support, let them know how their contributions have been able to help, and ask if they would like to increase their recurring donation, in addition to, asking for their new credit card information.
  • Once you enter new credit card information (including the CVV2 security code) into the system, click Save & Process Payment Now to process the payment immediately.  Alternatively,  click Save to have the system automatically process the payment during the next cycle.
  • When a recurring donation has failed to be processed during more than 4 consecutive monthly or quarterly cycles, the recurring payment will be automatically archived. Once you have received the new credit card information, you can update & re-activate the recurring payment.
  • How do I process an extra payment in a calendar month for a recurring donor?

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